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Pros and Cons Of a Plant Based Diet vs Meat Eating Diet

After several months of choosing a plant based diet I see the difference in my behavior I’m just a much happier, healthier person. I don't know why, but I feel so much more confident again, not angry or stress like I use to be.

 Researchers has shown that more than 3 percent of U.S. adults are vegetarians, according to a new study, "Vegetarianism in America," by Vegetarian Times. Another 10 percent of adults say they largely follow a vegetarian-inclined diet, while over 5 percent say they are "definitely interested" in following a vegetarian diet in the future.

The Down-Side to Being a Vegetarian
According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, a vegetarian diet is far from ideal, mostly because it lacks animal fats, which some experts say are necessary for human health.
"Scientific evidence shows that humans need animal foods, particularly animal fats, for optimum health," they say.

The Foundation believes that strict vegetarianism is detrimental to human health. Vegetarianism that includes eggs and raw (unpasteurized) dairy products, organic vegetables and fruits, properly prepared whole grains, legumes, and nuts, and soy products and processed foods, can be a healthy option for some people. However, some people have difficulty assimilating vitamins, minerals, protein, and other factors from plant foods. Some individuals may need a higher proportion of nutrients from animal foods to achieve optimum health.
Introducing "This Weeks Recipes" Every week at No Meat 4 Me we will feature vegetarian/vegan recipes from various restaurants, cook books, and personal chefs from all across the nation to help make your dinner time at  home something your family will love.

This weeks recipes comes from Karma chow:

Spaghetti & Meatballs w/Zesty Marinara

Meatballs you say? How can they be vegan? Well, it's easy. I was inspired when I saw Isa's recipe in Veganomicon for her meatballs, but I wanted to come up with my own recipe which didn't include any gluten, so that's what I did and Voila...Gluten Free and Vegan "Meat"balls with GF Spaghetti!

Enjoy! I know your family will love these too!

Photo from: Karma Chow

Spaghetti & “Meat”balls
1 lb. Brown Rice Spaghetti or Ziti, prepared according to package directions (Love Tinkyada Brand)
1 recipe of Mel’s Zesty Marinara Sauce (below)
2 can kidney beans, drained & rinsed
½ c. brown rice, cooked
½ c. raw yellow onion, diced small
1 tbl olive oil
2 tbl Braggs
2 tbs Tomato paste
1 tbs Vegan Worcestershire sauce
2 cloves garlic, grated
½ tsp oregano
½ tsp thyme
¼ tsp basil
¼ -1/2 cup gluten free breadcrumbs (Glutino brand is good)

Mash beans and rice together in a bowl with a potato masher until mushy but beans are still somewhat noticeable. Add onion, garlic, olive oil, braggs, tomato paste Worcestershire sauce, and herbs. Mix well with a spoon or hands to combine. Add breadcrumbs and using hands, mix well and knead until doughy.  Roll into small walnut sized meatballs. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat with olive oil and brown meatballs on the skillet. Serve on top of spaghetti with a generous serving of marinara sauce.

Photos from: Karma Chow


Mel’s Zesty Marinara Sauce
1 red onion, diced
1 c. shitake mushrooms, sliced thinly
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 tsp. oregano
1 tsp. thyme
1 TBL Tamari
1 TBL Balsamic Vinegar
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ can tomato paste
2 -28oz cans Fire Roasted Crushed Tomatoes
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 tsp. Agave Nectar (leave out for cleanse or add 1 tsp xylitol)
2 TBL Fresh basil, chopped

In a stock pot heat olive oil over medium heat and sauté onion, garlic & mushrooms until soft & caramelized. Add thyme & oregano and stir to incorporate to release the herbs. Add crushed tomatoes & tomato paste. Reduce heat and simmer 20-30 minutes. Add tamari, agave & balsamic vinegar & stir well. Simmer 5-10 minutes more. Season with salt & pepper and top with fresh basil.

Hope you enjoyed this week's recipes. Until next week take care.

To Health,

James Reed


Kelly Ridler said...

It's interesting that some vegans/vegetarians like recipies or products that taste or look like meat. I tend not to, but I think it is cool that those products are available so that people can transition from a meat to a no-meat lifestyle.

No Meat 4 Me said...

I agree Kelly, It's a good alternative to some of the foods that people have been accustomed to growing up. So for ever food that you've loved over the years there's a vegans/vegetarians alternative.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for information on plant based diets, but when the author's english writing skills are this off, I just can't put any confidence in the information, so moving on. This is not a matter of prejudice.

Jess said...

The Marinara Sauce Looks Tasty :) I will try this over the weekend. Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like muffins! :)

No Meat 4 Me said...

Let us know what you think of the sauce. We would love to hear from you.

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